Berber Beans

If, like me, you’ve always wondered what to make with broad beans, then this might be a wonderful opportunity to try a wonderful recipe shared with us by The Kitchen Witch. Make sure you check out Berber Beans.

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Dried broad bean purées abound in Mediterranean cuisines: Egyptian ful medames, Greek κουκιά, Sicilian maccu, Maltese bigilla, Turkish bakla, Moroccan byssara, to name a few. Many, in fact, claim it as an ancient food. And, they wouldn’t be wrong. Broad bean, Vicia faba, is an Old World bean that has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for at least ten thousand years.

Weither the dried broad bean purée is ful medames or maccu or any other variety, it is simply cooked and mashed with garlic, and served topped with lashings of good green olive oil. The only difference that I have been able to descern between the cultures is in the type of herbs or spices added – fennel in Sicily, with sautéed chicory in Puglia, oregano in Greece, dill in Turkey, parsley and hot pepper in Egypt and Malta, and cumin and paprika…

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