What’s Cooking in The Cookbook Guru Kitchen?

You may have noticed a bit of a change to response times to your posts for our little book club.  There has been a little bit going on behind the scenes of The Cookbook Guru of late and it has meant that there has been fair bit of distraction away from the blog.  Mr G and I are expecting our first child in September this year and this has thrown the nice little foodie and blogging routine awry, most of all because to a large part the pregnancy has turned me off my buzz about food (bizarre and true!).

The good news is that at this stage there is no plans to change The Cookbook Guru at all.  I do just have to ask that you paste your links below the cookbook introduction to make sure I don’t miss them, and if you haven’t seen your post shared within a few days please don’t hesitate to prompt me, it may be a case of baby brain or just a lot going on in the real world.   You may also see less contributions from me as the month’s go by but it doesn’t mean I’m not avidly following what you are cooking and sharing on your blogs.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,