Burnt butter biscuits

Glenda has shared with us a divine looking biscuit from her favorite collection discovering along the way that it may well be Margaret Fulton recipe that’s she’s been cooking all these years. Making sure you check out the post and these beautiful buttery looking bikkies.

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Passion Fruit Garden


This month, The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook is The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.

The Margaret Fulton Cookbook was first published in 1968.  The version I have was published in 1974.  A revised and updated edition was published in 2010.  That is over 40 years!!

I am sure every Australian knows the name “Margaret Fulton”.  For the non-Australians reading this post, Margaret Fulton is credited with teaching Australians how to cook.  Her early recipes encouraged Australians to deviate from the Australian staple of ‘meat and three vegs’ and to be creative with food.  Margaret Fulton also introduced ‘foreign’ food to Australians.  With her influence, Australian cooking began to diverge from its English roots.

I bought my copy of The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook from a second hand bookshop in the city one lunch break.  On the same day, I also bought the American classic: The Joy of Cooking.  That was a very successful lunch…

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