Rock Cakes

I missed sharing these biscuits with you earlier but they are a wonderful trip down memory lane and another sweet treat to share in the winter months.

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Sharing The Food We Love


Anyone that is at least 25 years old and grew up in Australia will probably remember rock cakes.  The might sound scary but they’re actually quite a tasty biscuit filled with sultana’s and mixed peel, with a slightly crunchy shell and a softer inside.  Rock Cakes are a baked treat I remember having as a child, perhaps made by either my Mum or Nan. We didn’t have junk food or lollies very often so these were something that have stood out in my memory, along with delights such as home made pikelets, nut loaf and coconut bread.

I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the source of that recipe was from the very cookbook that I’ve grabbed this recipe from.  We just happen to be cooking from Margaret Fulton’s Cookbook as part of this month’s The Cookbook Guru. It’s a golden oldie, originally published in 1968…

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