Walnut butter biscuits

I’m pretty sure as the weather cools down for us down under that is should be compulsory to have a sweet treat with your cup of tea or coffee. For me I’d look no further than these delicious sounding Walnut Butter Biscuits that Glenda has contributed from this month’s book from Margaret Fulton.

Passion Fruit Garden

IMG_2106copyAs you all know, this month’s feature cookbook by The Cookbook Guru is: The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.  My last post from this cookbook featured the old favourites Burnt Butter Biscuits.  In that post, I mentioned I thought the sweet section of the book had stood the test of time better than the savoury.  Not to be a defeatist, I made the Spiced Beef on page 153 of the 1974 edition.  It tasted pretty good but it was supposed to be eaten as a cold meat and Maus and I had it hot with vegies.  And, even though I used the ingredients as listed, I didn’t follow the instruction too closely,  All in all, not post worthy.

So, back to the biscuit chapter I went.  There are lots of opportunities there.  I showed it to Maus and told her to choose a biscuit recipe she would like me to make…

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