Cheese Daisies

We’re taking a savoury turn today for a quick to make and tasty snack in the form of cheese biscuits from Sharing The Food We Love. I think these might be showing their era with their name and styling but the flavour doesn’t fail for 2015. Make sure that you check them out.

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Sharing The Food We Love


Another vintage contribution from this month’s The Cookbook Guru book, these savoury biscuits were so simple to make and were delicious.  Taken from Margaret Fulton’s Cookbook, they are described as being perfect to be served with pre-dinner drinks and I think Mrs Fulton hit the nail on the head.  Made with a combination of cheddar and parmesan cheese, they are slightly dry and quite cheesey and lend themselves to a delicious creamy chardonnay, a glass of Pinot Grigio or even perhaps a dry sherry.

I think the only alteration I would make in the future would be to scrap the poppy seed decoration as honestly it didn’t nothing for the flavour and only made the whole process of preparation take longer than needed.  The great news with these biscuits is that you can pick your cheese to match your palate, if like me, you like a good sharp tasty then…

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