Time Out from Marcella – With Margaret Fulton, Weight Watchers and Marcella #117 (of 466)

It’s sometimes easy to reach for cook books when you’re seeking a recipe that is complicated or sophisticated. Here Shazzameena from At My Table shares a simple poached pears recipe and reminds us that sometimes the simple things are the best.

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At my table

You may argue that my ‘time out’ has been time out from blogging. Since my last post, 17 days ago, I’ve been back at work, speaking at an evening on Mentoring Women, speaking at a Women’s Weekend Away, and hosting various visitors staying in my home. I’m probably ready for some more time out. Meanwhile, I have fond memories of a ‘time out’ visit to a cafe in Sydney’s CBD, where my order was delivered according to the animal on my table – not a table number. Nice touch!

A sheep? A sheep?

Regular readers may also have noticed that I’ve been on a break from my cooking adventures with Marcella Hazan’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.’ This was partly due to a few weeks of relative hibernation – and I rarely cook her recipes just for me. It was also due to a concerted and, so far, successful attempt to shed…

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