Veal scallopine with cream

Glenda has shared with us another savoury dish… this time Veal Scallopine with luscious looking mushrooms and a cream sauce. Some of Fulton’s recipes are really standing the test of time which is exciting to read about. Make sure you check out this latest post.

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Passion Fruit Garden


As you all know, The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook for May and June is: The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.  Even though a lot of the recipes have dated, there are enough gems in it to make it fun to cook from.

At the beginning of the month, I went through and tagged a number of recipes that I thought we would like.  Most were in the biscuit chapter, but not all.  I spied this one and thought of Maus.  Maus is a big fan of veal and cooks it well.  I am sure the reason Maus likes veal so much is because it is traditionally cut very thinly and then beaten even thinner.   Maus does not like to see any blood in her meat.  This is highly unlikely when the meat is served this thin.

As part of our demarcation line in the household, Maus is the veal cooker.  This is because it…

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