Margaret Fulton’s Double Delight Cake

Mary from A Wandering Minstrel just had to share her favourite Margaret Fulton Chocolate cake with us. Her blog is all about her writing, but she couldn’t resist sharing her cake even though food blogging is not normally her thing. Welcome Mary. Make sure you check out her wonderfully honest and refreshing post…. and her delicious Margaret Fulton Chocolate Cake.

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A Wondering Minstrel I

IMG_0938I explained to Leah at the Cookbook Guru what a mess I’d made of my submission to the Guru Book Club, she was really nice about it. (She hadn’t yet sighted my cake.)

I’m posting a very delicious Margaret Fulton cake and I’ve stuffed it up. I’m generally a reasonable cook and baker and have been baking this cake for decades and making a passable job of it too. It’s just that when people like me set out to impress, we tend to trip over our electric hand mixers. You’ll note from the abysmal result, that I most definitely did a good job of that. But having looked forward to joining the fray just this once (believe me, I’m leaving it to the professionals from now on), I’ve decided to brave it.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – I do so admire the food bloggers. Sandra…

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