In My Mini Kitchen

Debi has shared with us her Margaret Fulton inspired mini quiches…very much in the spirit of the era that Fulton published her book. Make sure you check out the other equally inspired mini creations as part of this post too.

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An Evolving Life

No, the kitchen has not shrunk. Mini refers to a few new baking acquisitions: pans for mini muffins and mini madeleines. The mini loaf pans are still on the wish list, but might feature in my next IMK post. I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with all sorts of miniature hors d’oeuvres and sweets. Why is it that mini food seems so retro? I’m thinking of those miniature spotted dick and tiny mini treacle tarts, not to mention the mini-gherkins – 70s party food staples – from the Bridget Jones films.


First up were my (very) retro mini sweet corn and roasted red pepper quiches in toasted bread cups. I guess this is my nod to all those recipes that the blogging cookbook club, The Cookbook Guru is making from Margaret Fulton’s classic 1969 Australian cookbook. Although not a Fulton recipe, these mini quiches could have easily…

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