Dedication to the cause… or Margaret Fulton’s walnut loaf

I love the experimentation and exploration that cooking can bring, none more than when people are exploring old cookbooks and making the recipes more current. If you feel the same then you must catch Glenda’s post on Margaret Fulton’s Walnut Loaf.

Happy Reading


Passion Fruit Garden

IMG_2309copyThird try:  This is as good as it gets!

This post shows dedication to the cause, even if I say so myself.  I have made this cake three times in the past week.  The first time I made it (photo immediately below), it was very crumbly.  In Margaret’s defence, she does say the cake is best made the day before it is to be eaten.  My cake was not even cold before it was all but gone – no wonder it was crumbly.  We hadn’t had lunch and, geez, it was nice.  We did leave about a third which I cut the next day.  It was significantly better, but still very crumbly.

When I was spooning the dough into the tin, I did say to Maus, “This is very thick,”  but didn’t think much of it.  Later, I thought about what I had done.  Like most old recipes, the ingredients are listed in cups.  And, as we all know, my cup of flour…

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