Pane Accavallato di Altamura

Glenda from Passion Fruit Garden has dived into the bread making section of Field’s The Italian Baker and got some great tips and lessons for us from her experience. A must read for anyone attempting bread baking from this book.

Happy Reading and Happy Baking,


Passion Fruit Garden

059copy Not bad except for the shaping.

The above photo is my sixth attempt at Pane Accavallato di Altamura (overlapped bread from Altamura) and, I am glad to say, it is my best to date.  The worst thing about this loaf is the shaping and I blame Carol Field for that.  I blame her for a lot of other things but that will come later.

This month, The Cookbook Guru is showcasing the book, The Italian Baker, by Carol Field.  As I didn’t have the book, I put it on my birthday list and my sister, Vickie, bought it for me.  Thanks Vick.

The Italian Baker was first published in 1985, before artisan bread and home sourdough baking became popular.  It includes recipes for regional and rustic Italian breads which require a long, slow fermentation.  Most bread books, at the time, would have been using an excessive amount of dried yeast and proving their loaves ‘in a warm place’.  It was all…

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