Pane al Formaggio: Italian Cheese Bread

Who could go past a combination of cheese and bread together? Francesca has shared with us another delicious loaf from The Italian Baker by Carol Field as part of our Cookbook Guru collective. The bread looks fabulous and I can almost taste the smells that must of emanated from the oven when this was baking. Make sure you check out the post.

Happy Reading and Happy Baking,



This month I have returned to breads made with yeast, particularly those from one of my favourite reads, The Italian Baker, by Carol Field. Carol Field journeyed through villages and homes throughout the Italian countryside to collect recipes. They were then published in her original volume in 1985. This classic was revised in 2011. Few photos or glossy styled food shots adorn this book. It is a pleasure to read even if you never bake from it. It is often assumed, because of its title and appealing photo of ciabatta on the front cover, that it deals solely with bead: in fact, there are numerous chapters on cakes, biscuits and pastry, some of the latter collected from Nonne in remote villages, recipes that are tinged with nostalgia e memorie.

A traditional walnut cake made by the older folk in Vaireggio, Toscana A traditional walnut cake made by the older folk in Viareggio, Toscana, Italia.

A good egg enriched cheese bread is…

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