Pasta Frolla…1, 2, 3

From Francesca’s cheesy bread yesterday, we move onto sweet pastry from Debi at My Kitchen Witch today. Debi has taken on the challenge of creating Pasta Frolla and along the way evolved the recipe to work for her. Given that Field has multiple versions in the book it demonstrates the differing versions that already exist in Italy and that one more version is not going to go astray if you’re looking for a pastry that works for you. Make sure that you check out this post if you’re a pastry fan or a learner.

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An Evolving Life

One minor failure and a turnaround to success to report from the book under review by The Cookbook Guru for July to September. Pasta frolla, sweet pastry, is listed by Carol Field in her book, The Italian Baker, as a master recipe. In fact, she lists several versions as master recipes – Pasta FrollaI, Pasta FrollaII, Pasta FrollaIII – not to mention the whole wheat variety (Pasta Frolla Integrale). After scrutinizing the recipes, the difference between I, II and III is in the type and amount of flour used. I uses plain (all purpose) flour, II uses “pastry flour” or a combination of plain and cake flours, III uses less flour, but substitutes some of this with potato starch. The only explanation of these different recipes appears in the chapter introduction – one all-purpose one (I) and increasing…

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