So you’ve created your Pasta Frolla from yesterday’s post shared by Debi at My Kitchen Witch and you’re wondering what to make with it? Here’s another informative and wonderful post from Debi to give you a tasty treat using up this pastry.

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An Evolving Life

Now that I sorted out my thoughts on pasta frolla (sweet pastry dough) in my previous post, I thought to make these fragottini or “little pockets” mentioned by Carol Field in The Italian Baker, the book under review by The Cookbook Guru for July to September. These are listed in the chapter on biscotti, right before buccellati, fig and almond filled pasta frolla biscotti from Sicily. Also, we were recently given a gift of pastry biscotti from Italy filled with chocolate, almond and cinnamon, although the fat of choice in the pastry was lard, not butter. Seems like this technique can include any number of fillings (including any excess jam in the cupboard) and a clever way to use those scraps of leftover pasta frolla – very versitile and right up my alley.

In fact, I noticed that they are similar to the ones I made earlier…

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