Lady’s Kisses (Baci di Dama)

Another sweet treat for us from this month’s book of choice, The Italian Baker. I loved the shortness of the cookie and the flavour combination of lemon, almond and vanilla is sensational. Make sure you check out the recipe.

Happy Reading and Happy Baking,

Sharing The Food We Love

2Who can resist a little morsel of sweetness with their afternoon coffee?  When its tinged with the flavour of my European travels then I’m even more of a sucker.  This biscuit is reminiscent of shortbread, but not quite so crumbly.  The addition of lemon zest and vanilla essence to the blend of almond and flour mixture is what instantly makes me think of Italian biscuit flavours.  Rather than being sugary sweet, they have a slight savoury tone to them which I love.  The chocolate that acts as the glue adds another dimension without dominating the flavour in any way.  I think next time I make them I would use a darker chocolate (70%) to bring out the flavour a little.  This version is by no means compromised by the chocolate (about 40%) that I used but I do like that extra zing dark chocolate can bring to a sweet treat.


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