Thinking about 2016…already!

This year is disappearing faster than a cake at a kids birthday party and its time for us to start contemplating next years book list.  Yes I know, already!

This year’s book club has been running with our book of choice over two month’s and it appears to be far more successful for everyone with less pressure to produce a contribution in a short period of time.  I think we’re onto a winner so I plan to continue this pattern next year for us as we enter our third year of The Cookbook Guru.

I have a short list of books that have been suggestions from previous years, or on my wishlist for a while, and I’ve shared them below.  I would also like to open it up to our readers and contributors if you have a book sitting on your shelves, or staring at you in a book store that you would like us to look at over the following 12 months.  Comment below with any contributions or suggestions, the more the better.  Next years list will be published some time in November for us all in preparation for the new year… and perhaps a chance to ask Santa for a cookbook related present.

On the short list at the moment:

stephanie alexander cooks companion

  • Stephanie Alexander’s Cooks Companion – we would do this over a longer period due to it’s size

JG fruit book

  • Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book

maggies kitchen

  • Maggie’s Kitchen by Maggie Beer

tessa kiros

  • Food from Many Greek Kitchens by Tessa Kiros

And if you need some inspiration….here’s a great top 10 list from Australian Masterchef Judge Matt Preston.  Looks like we’re doing pretty well with this list so fare.

What books do you have sitting on your wishlist for 2016?

Happy Dreaming and Happy Reading,


*images sourced from pinterest