Grilled Chilli Sauce

A simple salad dressing to kick off the contributions for this month’s The Cookbook Guru.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,


Sharing The Food We Love


Sometimes it is simplicity which works the best with food.  I’ve been discovering this as I’ve been exploring the latest cook book that we are looking at for The Cookbook Guru, The River Cafe Cook Book by Rose Grey and Ruth Rogers.  The recipes take regional Italian cuisine, staying true to local tradition and priding themselves on using only the very best of ingredients, wether that be growing it in their back yard or shipping it in directly from the best in Italy.  When the book was published back in the 1990’s Australia’s food culture was really  starting to blossom and embrace it’s migrant influences and getting a hand on some of the ingredients required would have been very challenging.  These days it is much easier for us to access great regional produce from around the world which means there is no excuse not to make some great food…

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