The Last of the Summer Tomatoes

Debi at My Kitchen Witch has shared with a fabulous recipe of fresh juice tomato soup that is perfect for this time of year with us in the Southern Hemisphere going into the warmer and fresh tomato month’s, and just catching the end of the season for those of you north of the equator. Make sure you check out this post.

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An Evolving Life

The first September rain in Athens was marked by torrential downpour. It was punctuated with claps of rumbling thunder and sudden bursts of lightening. Very dramatic! I was told that this time of year, it is difficult to predict the weather – sudden meteorological changes are common and programmes for outdoor events must always be accompanied by a Plan B. Despite the potential disruption to our own pending events, it was a welcome change from very hot to cooler weather. Summer, indeed, was coming to a close. Also it brought home to me that the last of the tasty tomatoes ripened under the hot summer sun were also near an end.

On that first cool rainy end-of-summer day, I made one of my favourite seasonal soups from the River Cafe Cookbook by Ruth Rogers and Rose Grey, the book under review by The Cookbook Guru for the months of September…

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