Pork Cooked In Milk 

I’ve shared an unusual, but delicious, slow cooked pork in milk on my blog as part of this months ongoing exploration of The River Cafe Cookbook.

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I’m not quite sure what appealed to me about this recipe in The River Cafe Cookbook which we are exploring at the moment for The Cookbook Guru.  Maybe it was the unusual method of cooking the meat in milk, or perhaps it was the combination of sage and lemon with a slow cooked pork that appealed to my senses.  Either way the decision was made for me when Lady Red Specs advised me she knew of a number of people who had tried this recipe and raved about it.  At that point I had to give it a go.

The recipe itself was very easy to execute. The final meat was a bit grey looking so I don’t have any pretty pictures for you with the end result, but I can say what it lacked in appearance it made up for in texture and flavour.  The meat literally melted…

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