A Delayed Arrival

Many of you would have seen a previous post from me about us expecting our first child in September of this year and the potential of a few delays over the ensuing month’s with getting your contributions shared for our book club.

15I am happy to share with you all that little William P Gordon arrived into our world on the 2nd of October this year after sitting comfortably almost 2 weeks over his due date.  We are all absolutely besotted with our little guy and he is very much ruling the roost at the moment.

I would like to just give you a quick reminder that if you are contributing to The Cookbook Guru, and we would still very much like you to be doing so, then please make sure that you comment on the monthly introduction post with your link to prompt me to share it with everyone.  I also won’t be offended if you have to give me a little nudge to remind me, and I will do my best to have everyone’s contributions shared as quickly as I can.

I hope everyone is starting to explore this month’s book/blog as part of our book club and I hope you find some good inspiration, if not recipes, in Katie Quinn Davies work.  I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,