Baby Potatoes with Asparagus and Caper Dressing

As the warmer weather approaches in the Southern Hemisphere I’m kicking off this months book with a beautiful twist on the traditional potato salad.

Happy Reading and Happy Eating,


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Potato and Asparagus with Caper Dressing

Some great recipes I stumble upon are all about the visual image that accompanies them in a cookbook, whilst others are the combination of flavours that sing to my palate long before they are a reality.  When the two meet in the same location its a happy joy for me and one that I’ve felt browsing through Katie Quinn Davies cookbook “What Katie Ate and Other Bits and Bobs”.  I believe that this Australian (originally from Ireland) food blogger is probably one of the more successful ones out there in our local arena and a big part of that has to do with her styling, photography and tone.  She has the eye for what looks good and I love that its stylised mess on many occasions rather than clinical purity that so many food bloggers try to achieve.  I love the honesty of her posts and that edge that people…

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