The Cookbook Guru is Going On The Shelf 

As the new year dawns so too does what happens in our kitchens change and I’m sad to say it’s time to call it a day and place The Cookbook Guru back onto the bookshelfat the end of 2015.

The past two and a bit years have produced some amazing food, exposed me to some amazing cookbooks and best of all helped me to get to know my fellow food bloggers.  I’ve been so proud of the contributions, the honest analysis and the standard of work we’ve created for The Cookbook Guru. 

If you loved watching us be The Cookbook Guru, then make sure you follow the contributers individually on their blogs to share in the wonderful food and other things that happening in their kitchens.

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Sharing The Food We Love

Almost Italian

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Spades, Spatulas and Spoons

I certainly plan to keep exploring my cookbooks and look forward to sharing my foodie experiences with you all.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating,


Sharing The Food We Love