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Dedication to the cause… or Margaret Fulton’s walnut loaf

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
? Third try:  This is as good as it gets! This post shows dedication to the cause, even if I say so myself.  I have made this…

In My Mini Kitchen

Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
No, the kitchen has not shrunk. Mini refers to a few new baking acquisitions: pans for mini muffins and mini madeleines. The mini loaf pans are still…

Margaret Fulton’s Excellent Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate….Mousse… do I need to say more to get you reading this post by Lady Red Specs as part of this month’s The Cookbook Guru? An excellent example of why sometimes the old… Continue reading

French Onion Soup with Vegetable Stock. Voilà

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
A big bag of onions hiding in a cold larder is a call to soup, especially a comforting one such as Soup a´l’Oignon. French onion soup became popular in the…

Sesame Baked Fish

Lady Red Specs has shared with us a tasty looking Sesame Baked Fish as the latest contribution to The Cookbook Guru. It’s wonderful to see so many of Margaret Fulton’s recipes linked with… Continue reading

Margaret Fulton’s Double Delight Cake

Originally posted on A Wondering Minstrel I:
I explained to Leah at the Cookbook Guru what a mess I’d made of my submission to the Guru Book Club, she was really nice…

Veal scallopine with cream

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
As you all know, The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook for May and June is: The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook.  Even though a lot of the recipes have dated, there are…

Time Out from Marcella – With Margaret Fulton, Weight Watchers and Marcella #117 (of 466)

Originally posted on At my table:
You may argue that my ‘time out’ has been time out from blogging. Since my last post, 17 days ago, I’ve been back at work, speaking at…

Cheese Daisies

Originally posted on Sharing The Food We Love:
Another vintage contribution from this month’s The Cookbook Guru book, these savoury biscuits were so simple to make and were delicious.  Taken from Margaret Fulton’s…

Rock Cakes

Originally posted on Sharing The Food We Love:
Anyone that is at least 25 years old and grew up in Australia will probably remember rock cakes.  The might sound scary but they’re actually…

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