Potato, coriander and egg curry

Lady Red Specs at Please Pass The Recipe has kicked off this month’s collection of recipes with a share of a beautiful Potato, coriander and egg curry. I’m sure its as delicious as… Continue reading

The Cookbook Guru for November: The Gourmet Traveller Magazine

    Welcome to November and the final month of The Cookbook Guru for 2014! This month we are veering off the trail of cookbooks and heading in to magazine land.  For me… Continue reading

Cookbook Caution

Today I wanted to share with you a very different kind of post but one that I think has a very valid placement in the purpose of this blog. Here at The Cookbook… Continue reading

Cheesy pull-apart bread

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
This is another post from The Cookbook Guru’s  feature cookbook for this month, Saha, by Greg and Lucy Malouf.  Before this month, I had made several recipes from Saha and…

Crunchy Fried Calamari with Tahini Remoulade

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
Saha, by Greg and Lufy Malouf. It was a lucky find. I was cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of the bounty that late Spring and Summer provides,…

Yoghurt, the Key to Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
In their cookbook, Saha, Greg and Lucy Malouf travel to Lebanon and the food of Beirut. The book is a treasure, a coffee table book and useful cookbook all…

Ma’amoul Swirls

Originally posted on Lona's in the kitchen:
As you near the house all you hear is a familiar sound. The BANG of the Ma’amoul mould being hit on the edge of the table.…

Little lamb pies with yoghurt cheese and pomegranate (sfiha of Baalbeck)

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
As you all know by now,  The Cook Book Guru this month is featuring Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf.  At the beginning of the month, I went…

Are those Mushrooms in my Dolmades?

Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
In one of my library science classes (back in the dark ages when the internet was only just beginning to expand into everyone’s everyday life), there was…

A Tale of Two Soups

Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
Many years ago and a continent away, I was given a recipe by a lovely American-Turkish woman whose family’s ethnic roots lie in Northern Iran. She and…

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