A Bloomer Loaf or Wholemeal Loaf.

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It was wonderful going for a walk this morning with my sister. The sun was warm but the air had a chill in it. Winter…


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The story of English Breads and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David (under review by the blogging cookbook club, The Cookbook Guru, this month) begins nearly twenty years…

Pumpkin Bread

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Who can resist instructions like these in a cook book? Slice a pompion, and boil it in fair water, till the water grows clammy, or somewhat thick;…

Elizabeth David’s Blue Cheese Tarts

From the sweet we head to the savoury in the form of these delicious blue cheese tarts from Please Pass The Recipe. Versatile and delicious don’t be put off by the blue cheese… Continue reading

Chelsea Buns

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I love working with yeast. Mixing and kneading and shaping. The way the dough feels in my hands. It’s very therapeutic. And don’t get me…

My Daily Bread…and some Scots Baps

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Scots Baps Is there anything quite like the smell of bread baking? For me it rates up there with freshly ground coffee, just cut grass,…

Sourdough Spelt Pizza Bases

This is a definate must try for all the sourdough bakers out there… a spelt sourdough twist on a delicous favourite, pizza from Please Pass The Recipe. Enjoy, Leah

A Love Affair with French Bread

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What are French bread recipes doing in a book entitled English Breads and Yeast Cookery? Makes you wonder. Perhaps the editors forgot the full stop: English Breads.…

The Grant Loaf

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I am still smiling.  I cannot believe how easily I made this loaf of bread and how good it tastes. This month, The Cook Book Guru is…

Salt To Your Bread

One of the things that facinates me about this month’s book choice is the depth of information and scientific background that Elizabeth David gives us when talking about the different componants of breadmaking. … Continue reading

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