Pork Cooked In Milk 

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I’m not quite sure what appealed to me about this recipe in The River Cafe Cookbook which we are exploring at the moment for The…

October in the Kitchen – Pollo Spago

Liz has shared with us a very special stuffed chicken recipe which sounds delicious. Happy Reading and Happy Cooking, Leah spades, spatulas & spoons This is a big weekend; it’s my birthday, and… Continue reading

The Last of the Summer Tomatoes

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The first September rain in Athens was marked by torrential downpour. It was punctuated with claps of rumbling thunder and sudden bursts of lightening. Very dramatic! ?I…

Grilled Chilli Sauce

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Sometimes it is simplicity which works the best with food.  I’ve been discovering this as I’ve been exploring the latest cook book that we are…

Thinking about 2016…already!

This year is disappearing faster than a cake at a kids birthday party and its time for us to start contemplating next years book list.  Yes I know, already! This year’s book club… Continue reading

September/October: The River Cafe Cookbook by Rose Grey and Ruth Rogers

The next book in our series is still based in the Mediterranean, however we are branching out from breads and baked goods and heading into an Italian inspired cookbook called The River Cafe… Continue reading

Brutti ma Buoni alla Millanese (Hazelnut paste cookies)

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For July and August, The Cookbook Guru is showcasing the book, The Italian Baker, by Carol Field.  Early in July, I checked out the book and spotted this recipe. …

Ligurian Focaccia with Sage

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Salty and oily. Focaccia di Liguria. This one comes with sage leaves. Focaccia is one of the culinary delights of Liguria and what better place to try a…

Lady’s Kisses (Baci di Dama)

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Who can resist a little morsel of sweetness with their afternoon coffee?  When its tinged with the flavour of my European travels then I’m even…


Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
Now that I sorted out my thoughts on pasta frolla (sweet pastry dough) in my previous post, I thought to make these fragottini or “little pockets” mentioned…

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