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Marinated Chicken with Cinnamon, Garlic and Rosewater

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
This month, The Cook Book Guru is featuring Karen Martini’s book, Cooking at Home.  Before I joined the club, I had never heard of Karen Martini, let alone own any…

The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon

Wow, what a month of delicious discoveries and exciting experiments! What Did We Create This Month? Here is a rundown of the amazing food created in our kitchens this month for The Cook… Continue reading

March is all about Karen Martini

Welcome to The Cook Book Guru for March! This month we are steering away from the more exotic and heading for a book with food a little closer to home. Karen Martini is… Continue reading

Meat and coconut patties

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
As it is the last day of the month, this is my last chance to feature recipes from Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook, this month’s feature cookbook on The…

Eastern-Style Croquettes

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
This is another recipe from Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook which is this month’s feature cookbook on The Cook Book Guru. I thought the croquettes were fantastic, stupendous,…

Cambodian Caramelised Pepper Pork

This beautiful contribution is from Nancy over at jamjnr.com.  I love the journey she goes on as she creates her dishes, well worth a read.  Another beautiful curry to add to our collection.… Continue reading

Burmese Pork Curry (Wetha See Byan)

Originally posted on Sharing The Food We Love:
The Cook Book Guru book choice for this month has been particularly inspiring for me.  I’ve found myself breaking out the spices like they are…

Oven Roasted Spiced Chicken

Originally posted on Lona's in the kitchen:
So many recipes, so few days in the month. With over 800 recipes to choose from, Charmaine Solomons – The Complete Asian Cookbook – is proving to…

Charmaine Solomon’s Corn Fritters- Pergedel Jagung

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
I have recently renewed my passion for Indonesian cooking after returning from a two week journey through West Java and Sumatra where I spent the whole time eating!…

Charmaine Solomon’s Vegetable Curries

I’m so happy Lady Red Specs capitulated on resisting the Indian section of Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook. I LOVE the potato curry that she has made here and know it was… Continue reading

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