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The Cookbook Guru for July: Neil Perry’s The Food I Love

Neil Perry is an icon in the Australian food scene. In an era when chefs worked in kitchens, not in front of TV camera’s he was possibly one of the first I am familiar with to… Continue reading

The Cookbook Guru Roundup with Mrs Beeton

Mrs Beeton has been an interesting and challenging pick for May’s The Cookbook Guru. With many different versions out there in the marketplace the initial challenge was finding recipes that were authentic and… Continue reading

English Bread and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David

Bread facinates me.  I would go so far as to say it is my all time favourite food.  I love the different textures and flavours that bread has, the smell when it cooks,… Continue reading

Elegantly-Formed, Beautifully-Coloured Mackeral

Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
“Mackerel,” writes Isabella Beeton in her 1861 book, Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, “is not only one of the most elegantly-formed, but one of the most…

Defining Some of those Confusing Cooking Terms

Mrs Beeton must have been a real reference for so many people starting out in the kitchen, needing to understand how to read a recipe, what cuts of meat were called, what tools… Continue reading

The Cooking Of Food

Mrs Beeton is far more than just a source of recipes… her book was a go to guide for the housewives and house managers of yesteryear who found themselves without a mentor or guidance… Continue reading

The Cookbook Guru – Mrs Beeton’s Veal Olives

Mrs Beeton is certainly challenging our members of The Cookbook Guru this month, but it is wonderful to see how creative we are being in adapting the recipes to suit our tastes. Here… Continue reading

Honey Ginger Semolina Porridge

Originally posted on Sharing The Food We Love:
It’s a fresh Autumn morning here in Brisbane.  We’ve had a cold snap sweep through Australia  the weekend just gone with winds blowing up from…

Mrs Beeton’s Philosophy on Soup

I’ve started browsing Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book I stumbled on her philosophy on soup and I thought it was worth sharing.   In particular as we in the Southern Hemisphere head into winter and… Continue reading

The Claudia Roden Round Up

Well April has been a challenge one way or another but the biggest surprise has perhaps been how difficult it is to get your hands on a copy of Claudia Roden’s New Book… Continue reading

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