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Syrian Stuffed Kibbeh

Originally posted on Passion Fruit Garden:
I have been meaning to make kibbeh since I returned from Lebanon. In Lebanon, kibbeh, along with hummus, is on every menu. Both are national institutions.  The reason I hadn’t got around…

Falling Cloudberries: The Roundup for January

This month has been all about Falling Cloudberries.  If the comments are anything to go by it is a much loved book by an author that people are massive fans of. Tessa Kiros… Continue reading

Lamb with Onion, Ginger and Coriander Relish

Originally posted on Lona's in the kitchen:
I’ve had to renew Tessa Kiros’ ‘Falling Cloudberries’ from the library because there are still a few recipes I want to try. January’s The Cookbook…

Tava (Cypriot Lamb w. Cumin and Tomato)

I wasn’t sure that I was going to get the chance to make this recipe this month. I had it on my wish list but having the oven on for 3 hours when… Continue reading

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