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The Neil Perry Roundup

July was one of those months where things you don’t plan to happen, happen.  It was also a month of holidays for a lot of our members were away so one way or… Continue reading

Easy Lime Syrup Cake

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
Limes seem to be everywhere this season. Strangely, they have become more prolific and cheaper than lemons. My garden lime trees are thriving, with fruit and further flowers…

The Value Of Mise En Place

In what seems a life time ago, I spent almost a decade working in kitchens, starting my working life helping out my mum in her catering business, before moving on to work in… Continue reading

The Cookbook Guru for July: Neil Perry’s The Food I Love

Neil Perry is an icon in the Australian food scene. In an era when chefs worked in kitchens, not in front of TV camera’s he was possibly one of the first I am familiar with to… Continue reading

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