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The Cookbook Guru for October: Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf

October has us heading back over the Mediterranean waters towards the middle east for the flavour palate that we have dipped into so much this year with Greg and Lucy Malouf’s Saha.  This… Continue reading

My Favourite Soup. An all year silverbeet recipe.

Originally posted on ALMOST ITALIAN:
When Leah nominated Marcella Hazan’s The Classic The Classic Italian Cookbook for this month’s Cookbook Guru title, I was in two minds. Don’t get me wrong. I went…

Genoa, Anchovies & Potatoes

Originally posted on An Evolving Life:
After arriving home from Italy, I was a happy to learn that this month’s cookbook under review by The Cookbook Guru is The Classic Italian Cookbook by…

Tips for Cooking Pasta

This month we are featuring Marcella Hazan and The  Classic Italian Cookbook.  So much of the food will seem familiar, be it from your own kitchen, or what you’ve experienced at your local… Continue reading

Marcella Hazan’s Chicken Cacciatore

Our first contribution this month comes from Please Pass The Recipe in the form of Chicken Cacciatore. It’s an old classic that is worthy of reliving. Happy Reading and Happy Cooking, Leah

Catching Up on Nominations from August’s The Cookbook Guru

In August The Cookbook Guru group went with something a little different.  Instead of us all cooking from the same book for the month everyone was asked to cook from one (or more)… Continue reading

The Cookbook Guru for September: Marcella Hazan’s The Classic Italian Cookbook

This month The Cookbook Guru is travelling to Italy… well our taste buds are, as we learn how to cook authentic Italian delights from a woman who is considered to be responsible with… Continue reading

Cream of Tomato Soup

Originally posted on Sharing The Food We Love:
Cream of Tomato Soup I think we may have a winner! I talked earlier this month about my contributions for this month’s The Cookbook Guru…

The Cookbook Guru – Marbled Tea Eggs

We officially have our first nomination of the month from Please Pass The Recipe and a beautiful looking marbled tea eggs along with it. Make sure you read what Lady Red Specs is… Continue reading

The Neil Perry Roundup

July was one of those months where things you don’t plan to happen, happen.  It was also a month of holidays for a lot of our members were away so one way or… Continue reading

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