What Is The Cookbook Guru?

Welcome to the Cookbook Guru… aka a chance for all of us foodies to get together and share out thoughts and critiques on cookbooks from around the world.

I love my cook books, but if I’m honest I don’t really use them as much as I should or could. I started my cook book challenge on my other blog (Sharing The Food We Love) with Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light, but I think it can be taken one step further and so The Cookbook Guru was born.

How it works:

At the beginning of every second month we will announce a recipe book (nominations are welcome) and as cooks you then have the month to pick a recipe from that book and create a post around it.  If you’re keen to join in and don’t have a blog then this might be the very project you need to get you started.

If you’re not a food blogger, but would still love to be a part of this process then check out our Facebook Page and post your photographs and comments there for us.  If Facebook is not your thing then your other option to be a part of the fun is to post your photo’s on Instagram and make sure you tag us at @thecookbookguru.

For all of the wonderful food bloggers out there what you need to do is in your post mention “The Cookbook Guru” with a link back to this page.  Make sure that you post in the comments at the bottom of the monthly book post your recipe and you’ll be included in the monthly round-up to display your wares with everyone.

We will try to make sure that the books chosen have recipes online for you to use, or are books that are not too obscure and should be available through Amazon or The Book Depository.  There maybe a slightly Australian flavour to our book selections due to our location, but we are more than willing to take on international publications if you have suggestions.

The Rules (or not)

You don’t have to slavishly follow the recipe. Be it a variation, inspiration or a mirror image, this is about exploring a cookbook for the month and seeing where it takes you.  Go wild and enjoy the journey and opportunity.

What to think about?

    • Ease of reading and following the recipe
    • Ease of access to ingredients
    • What did you think of the flavours? Textures?
    • Were you able to make something like the photographs in the book?  Was it visually appealing?
    • If you followed the recipe, are there changes you would make  if you were to recreate it?
    • Would you make the food again?
    • Would you be interested in trying more recipes by the same cook/chef or from the same book?

Are you in?

This is your chance to play in your kitchen when you can and be a part of the conversation with other food minded people.  Plus you get the bonus of being exposed to new cook books, chefs, recipes and ideas.

Please share the idea with anyone you know who might be interested. The more people involved the richer the book club will be for our collaboration.