Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros

Happy New Year!

It’s January, and that means easing ourselves into summer proper here in Brisbane and relaxing a little after the craziness of the celebration season.  I couldn’t think of  a better book to do this with that Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries.  No matter your climate, I’m sure there will be a recipe here for you to discover that will enter regular rotation in your kitchen.  I have a few already including her chickpea salad which I’ve created over on Sharing The Food We Love but I can’t wait to discover more.

tessa kiros

If you haven’t worked out, I’m a fan of this book and should declare that even before selecting it for this month’s book club.  The thing I love about it is that it combines so many cuisines that I love to eat, Scandinavian crossed with Mediterranean and throw in a little of the South African modern food and you have beautiful recipes to delight the senses and just made for sharing at your table with family and friends.

I hope you enjoy exploring this book as much I’m looking forward to getting in and exploring it properly.

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Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates this month,