Marinated Chicken with Cinnamon, Garlic and Rosewater

Our first post for the month of March and it is a delightful and interesting sounding middle eastern combination of marinated chicken with Cinnamon, Garlic and Rosewater. Check out Glenda’s post to find out more about this interesting sounding combination.


Passion Fruit Garden


This month, The Cook Book Guru is featuring Karen Martini’s book, Cooking at Home.  Before I joined the club, I had never heard of Karen Martini, let alone own any of her books. That just shows how much I watch commercial television as I now know, she appears on Better Homes and Garden, a very popular television show.

I have more than enough cookbooks so I wasn’t about to go and buy the book.  Instead, I went onto Eat Your Books, read through the ingredients of each recipe I liked the sound of, made a shortlist of two, went on the web, found the recipes and then settled on this one.

This recipe intrigued me because we consume a lot of rosewater in this household but I had never thought to use it in a marinade for chicken.  It is certainly unusual, but it works.  You can smell the rosewater whilst you are eating…

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