Cookbook Caution

Today I wanted to share with you a very different kind of post but one that I think has a very valid placement in the purpose of this blog.

Here at The Cookbook Guru we spend each month cooking our way through published cookbooks from around the world. We choose a book for the month using it as an opportunity to learn, to be inspired and to create. Along the way many of our members have discovered the errors and inaccuracies that seem to plague particularly the more glossy picture based books and it has resulted in some less than successful creations and great frustration for the cook in question.

One of our members, Lady Red Specs, has taken this frustration seriously and written a very informative and interesting piece about the pitfalls and perils of cookbooks, and the lack of regulation that surrounds the industry for the recipes within them to be accurate and to actually work.

I believe, along with many of the commenters on her post, that this conversation is an important part of the food world where so many of us rely on the people writing and publishing cookbooks to know what they are talking about and provide us with a product that actually works.

I’d love to hear what your experiences of cookbooks are and please do check out the full post on this topic,