What I learnt from The Cookbook Guru’s in 2014

The Cookbook Guru has been a wonderful collective for me.  As the youngest and perhaps least experienced cook of us all, I love the new foods I’ve been exposed to, the new techniques I’ve learnt and the new challenges that have come from the foods shared as part of our bookclub.  I thought it was worth sharing some of the best bits of what I’ve discovered from the year for my blog.



Cooking from Marcella Hazan in September I finally conquered my irrational fear of gnocchi failure and created some delicious pillow’s of potato goodness.


Curry Pastes. 

Cooking with Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook in February had me realising just how quick and easy it is to make my own curry pastes and boost the fresh flavours of my food.

Thai Green Curry Paste by Sharing The Food We Love

Thai Green Curry Paste

Baking Bread

Elizabeth David confounded me with her technical detail in June but I loved expanding my bread baking skills and feel far more confident about how the alchemy of bread making works.  I loved that we took this challenge on and not only produced our own loaves but played with yeast to create delicious savoury and sweet treats too.

1Roasting Meat

Back at the beginning of the year on my food blog Sharing The Food We Love, I set myself a challenge of learning to roast meat.  Between Neil Perry teaching me some specific techniques with his book The Food I Love in July and Tessa Kiros teaching me the joy of Tava in January I have taken my roasting skills to a whole new level.


Reinventing Old Recipes

Cooking from Mrs Beaton gave me the chance to explore old recipes to create some gems, and in some cases, create new combinations based on old traditional recipes like this delicious Honey and Ginger Semolina Porridge based on an old pudding recipe.


There are so many other wonderful foodie experiences that I had along the way and I can’t wait to have some equally educational and delicious experiences in the new year.

What has been your favourite foods that you’ve created or read about on The Cookbook Guru in 2014?