March is all about Karen Martini

cooking at home

Welcome to The Cook Book Guru for March!

This month we are steering away from the more exotic and heading for a book with food a little closer to home.

Karen Martini is a highly successful Melbourne Chef who is widely published in newspapers, magazines and also featuring on Better Homes and Gardens, and has four cookbooks all published through Penguin.

Her style is relaxed, flavourful and very tasty.  She dips into different cultures to enhance the flavours of her recipes and in my mind her food is very much what I consider to be modern Australian cuisine.

So for this month The Cook Book Guru will be exploring Karen Martini’s cookbook:  “Cooking at Home”.  I discovered this book on the shelves of a house that my parent’s were house-sitting over the Christmas break and I loved the casual style, tasty flavour options and the fact that the cooking style is quite relaxed.  I’m looking forward to trying out some of her recipes and I know if you can’t find her book there is a plethora of Karen Martini recipes out there on the internet to tempt your tastebuds.

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I look forward to seeing what will be gracing your plates in the month of March.