The April Cookbook Guru: Claudia Roden’s The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

As the weather cools down for us here in Australia the book choices for The Cookbook Guru is taking another turn towards the Middle East and the fragrant curries and delicious slow cooked spiced meats that feature as part of their cuisine.

First up we are taking on Claudia Roden’s The New Book of Middle Eastern Food for the month of April.  I will qualify this and say there are two…her original book called A Book of Middle Eastern Food was published in 1968, and this edition in 2000.  Go with either depending on what is on your book shelf.  It would be very interesting to see what differs between the two books in style, ingredients and recipes.


Roden is an Egyptian Cookbook writer and Anthropologist  based in England who is well known for her cook books on Italian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food.   She is considered an expert in the food industry on Middle Eastern food.  I’m excited to explore her book and discover a little bit more about the flavour combinations that are not overly familiar to me, but very much appeal to my palate.

So its time to bring out the spices, fill up your pantry with rosewater and pomegranate syrup and get ready to fill your house with fragrant delicious feasts.

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Have fun creating food for this month, I’m off to find a copy of this classic cookbook and jump into the kitchen,

Leah & The Cookbook Gurus