Crunchy Fried Calamari with Tahini Remoulade

Check out this fabulous version of calamari (and as a bonus Francesca found a use for my fragrant salt from an earlier post).

Enjoy, Leah


Saha, by Greg and Lufy Malouf. Saha, by Greg and Lufy Malouf.

It was a lucky find. I was cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of the bounty that late Spring and Summer provides, when I found a small packet of frozen calamari. This buried treasure was still within the realms of short term memory, unlike many of the other odd frozen parcels, which became treats for ‘el chooks’  (the chickens).

As the rest of the ingredients were on hand, it was time to I attempt Greg Malouf’s Crunchy Fried calamari and Tahini Remoulade from the cookbook Saha.


Although the total recipe appears to have a long list of ingredients, it is really quite simple. The recipe is divided into steps: make the spice mix, then the remoulade, then the crunchy topping and finally the quick fry of the calamari. The Golden Spice Mix comes from the first chapter of Malouf’ s Saha with recipes…

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