September/October: The River Cafe Cookbook by Rose Grey and Ruth Rogers


The next book in our series is still based in the Mediterranean, however we are branching out from breads and baked goods and heading into an Italian inspired cookbook called The River Cafe Cookbook by Rose Grey and Ruth Rogers.  Having spent many years living and cooking in Italy, the authors took their experiences and opened the River Cafe in 1987 on the banks of the Thames in London.  Many of the ingredients were grown in their own garden, being unavailable in London at the time.   Although this has probably changed over the years in London, and also for us here in Australia, I hope that this book should give us an opportunity to delve into Italian cooking a little further.  This book was nominated by Debi at My Kitchen Witch to be a part of our cookbook book club.

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what we create for ourselves as part of The Cookbook Guru for September/October.

If you’re new to The Cookbook Guru and would like to join in, please do.  We’re a passionate group of foodies who love food and the creation of fabulous meals and dishes, we thrive on authenticity and are not scared to tell it like it is if things are not working.  You can find out how to participate here or by clicking on What Is The Cookbook Guru at the top of the menu page on the blog.

On a side note I should also just share a little reminder in that Baby G is due sometime in the middle to late of September so please accept my apologies in advance if there is a delay in your recipes being shared onto the blog.   Please make sure that you comment below with your link to remind me about your post and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Here’s hoping bubs likes Italian food so I get to contribute to our posts for this series.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking,