Ataif – Stuffed Pancakes.

As we come close the end of the month it seems very appropriate that we have a dish contributed by Lona which is a sweet dessert. Yeast based pancake with an exotic filling that sounds sweet and tasty much like a baklava filling.
Make sure that you check out these beautiful treats.

Lona's in the kitchen


Happy to have just made it in for this months The Cookbook Guru book of the month – The New Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden.

Okay, this one was really hard to get a hold of but persistence pays off.  I ordered it from one library who ordered it in from another library and finally…..

My thought was to go straight to the sweets section and make something from there. I’ll have a better look at the rest of the book a little later.

My mum and I have been making something very similar to these little stuffed pancakes for years and because the only time I follow recipes to the T is when I’m at work, I sort of combined the two recipes and ended up with these…


Light pancakes with a sweet walnut and cinnamon filling with just a hint of rose water. I like them…

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